we are on a mission to banish the term “anti-aging” from the beauty industry through holistic skin health, science based ideas and formulas that truly work.

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sleep repair oil

our nighttime go-to for skin rejuvenation

Borage Seed oil 

gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) promotes firmness and elasticity

Rosehip + Evening Primrose

support hydration and balance uneven skin tone

Clary Sage 

helps minimize pores, creating a smoother texture

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vitamin C serum

level up your morning hydration

Vitamin C

boosts collagen production and evens skin tone

Hyaluronic Acid

infuses hydration for a smoother skin texture

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what makes our skincare different

We’re holding clean skincare to a higher standard

skin-science + natural ingredients

our high-performance natural skincare is designed and formulated by our founder. each formula has targeted Positive Aging benefits; harnessing the power of organic botanicals. 

we are a purpose driven woman owned and operated brand. everything is manufactured in-house so we can vouch for it's quality.

choose skincare that's formulated to international safety standards, using healthy-skin ingredients found in nature. 

safety + transparency 

we carefully balance the botanical active scent profiles to avoid adding to the ingredient list. no need for dyes or fragrances!

our testing procedures are rigorous for stability, safety and preservative efficacy. we follow strict international standards for ingredient safety.

no animal-derived ingredients, and never tested on animals. 

sustainable natural ingredient selection

we source raw materials that are ethically gathered to preserve species health. we choose minimally processed forms to protect the beneficial compounds found in nature.

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  • highest quality ingredients

    we are committed to delivering a skincare experience that transcends the ordinary. our promise to you is rooted in a deep reverence for the beauty and vitality of nature, and recognizing that skin health goes so much deeper than what we see on the surface.

    we believe that your skin deserves nothing less than the highest quality ingredients that are not only effective but also natural, botanical, and sustainable.

    the essence of quality: natural ingredients

    we meticulously select natural ingredients, harvested from the heart of Mother Earth. our products are infused with the purest botanical extracts and oils, sourced from sustainable and eco-conscious suppliers. we harness the power of plants to enhance the health and radiance of your skin.

    botanical brilliance: nature's elixir for skin

    each product in our range is a testament to the botanical brilliance that surrounds us. our formulations are inspired by the wisdom of ancient herbal remedies and modern scientific advancements. we blend age-old traditions with cutting-edge research to create skincare that truly works. you'll find the restorative energy of plants, flowers, and herbs in every drop.

  • sustainability is our responsibility

    we care deeply for the planet that sustains us, and we take our responsibility to heart. sustainability is not just a buzzword; it's a commitment we uphold.

    our ingredients are responsibly sourced, using natural and organic ingredients from a short list of suppliers we trust.

    we use recyclable and compostable packaging to minimize our carbon footprint. by choosing Love & Light Botanicals, you're not just choosing healthy skincare; you're choosing a brand that values and protects our Earth.

    our promise extends beyond the products you use – it's a promise to you, your skin, and the planet we share. we promise:

    quality: only the highest quality ingredients make it into our formulations.
    purity: we never compromise on the purity and safety of our products.
    efficacy: our products are rigorously tested to deliver the results you deserve.
    sustainability: we're committed to eco-conscious practices that benefit both you and the environment.
    transparency: you'll always know what goes into our products and why.

  • giving back

    at Love & Light Botanicals, we believe that beauty is not just skin deep—it's a reflection of the world we inhabit. that's why we're committed to making a difference, not only in the realm of skincare but in preserving the natural beauty that inspires us every day.

    proud member of the nature conservatory

    we're excited to announce that we're proud members of the Nature Conservancy, an organization dedicated to protecting and preserving our planet's most precious natural treasures. for us, giving back isn't just an option; it's our responsibility as caretakers of this Earth.

    our commitment to sustainability

    as a company rooted in botanical skincare, we recognize the gifts nature provides us. our ingredients are carefully sourced from sustainable and eco-conscious suppliers to ensure that we tread lightly on the Earth.

    your skincare, our planet

    we're not just helping you look and feel your best; we're here to contribute to a sustainable future.

    join us on this beautiful journey

    together, we can make a difference. every purchase you make with Love & Light Botanicals contributes to our ongoing commitment to the Nature Conservatory.

join the positive aging movement

embrace beauty at every stage

at Love & Light Botanicals, we're igniting a movement to challenge the status quo in the beauty industry. we believe that age is a beautiful journey, not something to be "anti" about. It's time to redefine beauty on your terms and embrace every moment with positivity.

why we're on a mission

we're on a mission to banish the term "anti-aging" from the beauty industry because it perpetuates the idea that aging is something to be fought against. instead, we celebrate the wisdom, experience, and radiance that come with each passing year. it's about time the beauty industry caught up with the reality that age is a gift, not a problem to be solved.

experience skincare that honors your journey

our skincare products are meticulously crafted to support your skin health, at any age. we focus on botanical ingredients that nourish, hydrate, and rejuvenate, allowing your natural beauty to shine through. high-performance natural skincare that works.

together, we redefine beauty

join us in redefining beauty standards and embracing the positive aging journey. let's challenge the beauty industry to recognize that age is a source of strength, wisdom, and beauty.

it's time to rewrite the [beauty] narrative and embrace positive aging - the most beautiful path of all.

  • nourish from within

    healthy, radiant skin starts from within. proper nutrition is the cornerstone of positive aging. here's how you can nourish your skin from the inside out:

    stay hydrated: dehydration can make your skin look dull and exacerbate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep your skin hydrated and plump.

    eat a balanced diet: consume a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats. these provide essential nutrients like vitamins, antioxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids that promote skin health and rejuvenation.

  • prioritize a consistent skincare routine

    a simple [skincare] routine is the foundation of positive aging, and by simple we're talking 3 easy steps that support your skin's vitality:

    cleansing: a gentle cleanser removes dirt and impurities without stripping your skin of its natural oils.

    sun protection: sunscreen is a skin ally. help prevent damage such as sunspots and wrinkles with a broad-spectrum SPF 30+.

    prevention is the best medicine: there's no reverse gear in life, but good skincare habits keep your skin glowing.

    apply a serum before a daily moisture to boost hydration. add a gentle eye cream to nourish the delicate skin around the eye.

    a sleep oil is a great moisturizing treatment to repair skin while you rest.

  • practice self-care and stress management

    stress can take a toll on our skin, accelerating the aging process. self-care practices are key to maintain a youthful glow:

    get enough sleep: our cells requires sleep to repair and rejuvenate. aim for a consistent number of hours of quality sleep and a routine sleep and wake time.

    manage stress: stress-reduction techniques like meditation, yoga, deep breathing exercises, or hobbies are great ways to balance life's ebbs.

    stay active: exercise improves blood circulation, which can benefit our skin's appearance.

    positive aging skincare is not about reversing the clock. healthy skin starts with good habits and ends with self-love and acceptance.